Food Photographer Manchester

Things to Know Before Asking A Food Photographer in Manchester For an Estimate

Here are some of the information that you should have already before calling a food photographer so that you can have a better-informed conversation about your food photography needs.

  1. What is the type of food to be shot?

The type of food to be shot is important because it will help the photographer determine whether it is a full-day shoot or half a day. If you are shooting burgers or sandwiches, they would need to be assembled by a food stylist which can be quite time consuming. Rice dishes on the other hand are quick to stage and shoot so you can do more. The type of food also lets the food photographer to know how many shots can be done in one day and therefore estimate the length of the session and how much to charge you.

  1. How many food items and final shots are involved?

Are you shooting an entire restaurant’s menu or just a new product for a showcase or marketing materials? Do you need 20 shots per item or 20 items in a few shots? Providing a list of everything that you need to shoot is optimal for the food photographer’s planning. You should also know how many shots or angles of every food item that you want so that the photographer can also plan for lighting, effects and other support equipment that may be required.

  1. What style do you want the final images to be done in?

There are many methods of food photographer and a good one will also have a food stylist that can arrange and execute whatever style of photoshoot that you want to achieve during the photoshoot. Most times, a food photographer in Manchester will ask you to give him a mood board or sample pictures off the internet that can be used as reference materials. This is also crucial for timing and equipment planning.

  1. Do you need props or a food stylist?

We always recommend that you answer yes as a client. What you should know is that a food photographer can control everything except how the food looks like. A food stylist works in the same way as a make-up artist or a costume manager add value to a photoshoot. The best food stylists have many techniques to help a food photographer bring out the best in your photoshoot. 

If you have any questions about what is best for your food photography in Manchester, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to guide you on what you may need.