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How to Take the Perfect Portrait

For many photographers, portraits are one of the most difficult tasks to master. We often rely on action in order to create visual interest in our images, as this dynamic sense of motion draws the viewer in. With portraits, however, the subject is usually still, the background out of focus, and the skill of the photographer paramount to developing a sense of allure.

Thankfully, there are a handful of techniques we can employ to create truly arresting images. When it comes to headshot photography, Manchester photographer David Silis has found the following methods particularly useful when trying to take the perfect shot:

Play with angles: Action is not the only way to create a sense of motion in a photograph; changing your perspective and experimenting with creative angles similarly draws the viewer’s eye, creating the illusion that something is “moving” through slightly disorienting the observer. Likewise, playing with angles is the ideal way to discover the best perspective to flatter your subject’s face. headshot photography manchester

Remember that it’s all about eye contact: Eyes truly are windows to the soul, so making sure they are properly lit and in focus is absolutely key to taking an engaging headshot. If you fail to capture the subject’s eyes, your shot will inevitably look unfocussed and fail to to create any sort of lasting impression. headshot photography manchester

Most photographers ensure that the subject’s eyes are meeting the lens head on, in order to create a sense of connection between the sitter and the audience, but you can also play with side glances and have the subject gazing “off camera” to create a different mood—as long as the eyes remain the true focal point of the image. headshot photography manchester

Don’t be afraid to experiment with breaking the rules of composition: There are many rules out there about how to compose a photograph, and most photographers follow them diligently—indeed, so many do that if you never deviate from these guidelines yourself, your head shots may take on a generic quality. Try thinking “outside the box” now and then and seeing what you come up with; the only real consequence of failure is having to delete a few images off your camera’s memory card, after all. headshot photography manchester

Remember that lighting is everything: Lighting is another area where it’s imperative that you get creative; different lighting schemes profoundly alter how your subjects appear, and knowing how to manipulate light is absolutely key to creating a sense of mood in your images. Try lighting subjects dramatically from the side, from the back, from the top down, and so on—just remember to ensure that at least one of your subject’s eyes has a “catchlight” showing.

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