Want You Back At Home


We live in an era where Digital Marketing has taken over traditional marketing. Gone are the days of simple advertising techniques. Everyone wants something unique that will captivate the audience. The idea of marketing is no more confined to the concept of just selling today. Product owners want their target audience to recognize them through how beautifully they market their products. Advertising is not about products alone these days. Marketing has become a way to spread awareness about social issues while still making the product sell. One such example is music video production services. Music videos are not about people dancing on your screen anymore. The video is about conveying the message of the song. The video design is as much important as the lyrics within the audio.

“Want you Back Home”

The video captures the main idea of the song very effectively. The most important thing that you will notice is that the entire video is set in black and white. The combination perfectly captivates the sad and melancholic setting of the song. The video starts with showing the a couple fighting. One part of the couple is represented by the singer himself. This gives the singer the opportunity to be a part conveying the message of his song himself. The singer is mostly shown singing in a recording studio. This helps not to take the focus away from the song and the singer. The video definitely makes the singer’s role in the entire process look important. The video also shows the woman’s point of view. It is easy to recognize that she has left but is not happy. She is shown surfing through the photos of the couple on her phone. Her mood is captured perfectly as she is shown sitting thinking deeply several times throughout the video. The video ends with the singer finding his way back to her and convince her to come back home. Her happiness is captured by a simple and elegant smile. The video is not bold or prominent. Its simplicity expresses the basic emotion and pain of hurting someone and losing them. The constant presence of the singer keeps the focus on his art.

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