Behind The Scenes,


David Silis Photography provides exhaustive photography services and its tremendous endowment is to see the beauty of this world’s complexity in picture form, capture it, enliven it for everyone to take pleasure in. If you’re looking for a professional photographer in Manchester, then you have come to the right place. Whether you want product, wedding, fashion or portrait photography, your demands will be fulfilled with topmost dedication and creativity here at David Silis Photography.

Studio photography is usually more convenient than outdoor photo shooting, because you can control elements like lighting and you have all your camera gear within reach. Moreover, an impeccable outdoor photo shoot takes more than nice weather and an expressive model. A photographer needs to control natural light properly and master depth of field, but I’ve got covered all these aspects during my photo shoots every time. Some clients choose their locations and some don’t. At Davis Silis Photography we know some of the best locations in Manchester and even when we find a great location, we are not afraid to knock on the door and ask permission to use it. Experimenting with models is another asset which gives color to our photos. Because creativity prevails above everything else.

Sometimes, I have to deal with moving models, but my experience as photographer in Manchester and not only here teached me to focus on everything that can turn into a part of a story. I had horseback riding photo shoots, where I had to capture the beauty of theĀ  equine species’ representative as well as the owner’s, and family outdoor photo shoots, where the little ones of the family brightened the whole frame. Some people are shy in front of a camera, but when they’re outside their most natural expressions come to life, being able to bind charming smiles for the camera. Furthermore, my job as a photographer is to play with different perspectives and amaze the clients with the final aftereffect.

Whether you shoot in the back of your garden or at a tropical beach, it is vital to know how to get the most out of every location. When shooting outdoors, as a photographer, you will learn about the golden hour (dusk) and the magic hour (dawn), whose names are given due to the alluring soft, warm lighting. Shooting in bright light might be disturbed by shadows on your model’s face and you have to get over issues like that. However, clients will want photo shoots at different times of the day and I’m here to work around their ideas in order to retrieve a vision behind a simple photo. Good lighting usually metamorphoses an undistinguished scene into a magical one. When lacking, I can add atmosphere to the photos in post processing.

If the quotidian is not enough for you, contact David Silis Photography. The following behind the scenes video will show you how an outdoor photo shoot looks like and how a skilled photographer can turn those images into timeless stories.

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