Do you look at some photos to relive the moments and feel that people in them are standing beside you? Photography gives you a lot more than a single wooden framed photo. It makes you immortal (well, not like zombies) in a way where your off springs can have a look at you and know who you really were. Photography styles have changed as the time passed, nowadays it is not about keeping your knees and face stiff while facing the camera in a studio.

We, at David Silis Photography, cover Manchester and all nearest areas to document your journey through life. It is not necessary for each portrait to be captured in a studio. It takes an artist to look at the scene and transform those moments into enchanting portraits by focusing on breathtaking light and color.

Look around you and notice the wonders of nature. Whether you believe in God or not, it brings you closer to your natural spirituality. Shooting outdoor rather than a studio gives your portrait a lot more depth. We love finding and replicating such creative poses as a baby in a net apparently hanging from the sky or takings portraits of a couple in a romantic way to show the love they share.

We keep in mind the mood of the portrait and not just focus on capturing the moment as it is. We take care of the background and the color of the portrait as it conveys a message to the viewers.

It takes only a Professional Portrait Photographer to understand these tad details and keep them in mind while on shoot. Green, blue and purple colors fall under the category of cool tone whereas red, yellow and orange fall under warm tone. Cool toned portraits are considered to emit the feelings of peacefulness or tranquility and warm toned portraits run the gamut from displeasure to warmth depending on how saturated they are.

At David Silis Photography you do not have to worry about situation, background, color combination or pose, we take care of each detail, the ones you know and those you don’t know as well.

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