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Art photography is an eclectic area, that requires inquisitive sensibility and creativity, and here at David Silis Photography we know exactly when to click the shutter and how to present our artistic interpretation to the viewer. It takes experience and imaginativeness to create an impeccable image, that will stand out. A skillful artistic photographer impersonates the reality around him through the lens of his camera, no matter if there are different themes for the photo shoots, like close-ups, landscapes, still life, or the photos are taken in a studio or on location. His job is to help create uncanny and incredible images, without interferences, in order to leave the client and the viewers feeling elevated.  In our days, when mass media is overloaded, it’s exhilarating to find a photographer who can surprise and charm through his personalized and unique reinterpretation of the world around us, and here at David Silis Photography we tend to amaze our clients.  As a photographer, you need to develop a one-of-a-kind style of visual expression, which will allow you to express your vision to the viewers on an emotional level as well. Even though it’s artistic photography, it has to be created a bond between the photographer and the model, because they can inspire each other. If the model is relaxed and feel confortable around the photographer, the photo shoot will be stimulating for the final image.  I know that vision is essential in the art of photography, while passion and a unique style are some of the most important elements that count. Each and every photographic style defines the creativeness of the fine artistic photography, because an innovative style defines an actual person which gives voice to its perception. Photographers have different approaches and a diverse selection of subjects, so that they are able to capture moods, details and artistic ideas differently for every model.  Some photographers can make make their photos speak in colours, stories and beauty. They travel with their cameras, being interested in all aspects of life as seen with the help of the artistic photography. I try to candidly capture the essence of a person or of a situation, always personalizing my techniques to create singular stories behind the images. Given the fact that David Silis Photography is based near to Manchester, I can guide my clients when it comes to locations, but I’m available to work around their ideas and help them create a timeless photography manchester, 

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