professional photography studios near me


David Silis Photography provides complaisant photographic services.  If you’re in need of a determined photographer that implements crystal clear quality, then you have found the right person here in Manchester. Whether you need a commercial photo shoot or a personal one, I can meet your expectations. The perfect photo will capture your vision too, not only your looks.

A studio photo shoot it basically a photo shoot done within a supervised environment and under artificial lightning conditions. It can comprise portraiture, food photography, product photography and many others. But even with all the conditions created, it takes experience and determination to handle the perfect photo shoot, which your client will be enchanted by.

Many times, the photo shoots can be heightened because of tight time schedules and, as a photographer, you need to be creative in a constrained atmosphere. You have to make sure everybody’s mind is at ease and feels comfortable around you, because you don’t want a fake show for the camera. You have to capture some unrevealed intimacy that your model is willing to share with the world.  And the only way you can do that is by smiling, joking and making your client feel relaxed.

The following behind the scenes photo shoot video will offer you details about the whole team that makes photos look so unique. A photographer’s job is important, but the make up artists and the hair stylists’ assignments are valuable as well. Together, they apply their knowledge towards a mix that will reveal the client’s best look. A flawless makeup and an impeccable hairstyle will definitely help the creative process, so the client has to trust the specialists. With the right team and done properly, the photo session in the studio will yield great results. Typically, I try more different ideas and angles, simply because I like to be creative and to make the best of a photo shooting.

Photo shoots incorporate a background and a set of lights, excluding the photographic gear. One of the first thing you are going to do, as a photographer, is to choose the lightning style you are going to use and how you will light the setting. Professional photography studios use side lights, back light, front fill light and maybe some hair light. I create the perfect style for every customer by setting up the lights and the background in a distinguished way. During a behind the scenes studio photo shoot video you will see that the photographer can pick between black, white and table top backgrounds. Once the photographer gets all these elements together in a studio, he is able to take better photos. After this, creativity dominates the photo session.

One of the most known issues in the photography’s area of expertise is the location and/or the time. I usually can not choose the time of day or the location for a photo shoot session, but when it comes to shooting in  professional photography studios near me, I can solve all the mentioned problems. Every time my client picks an hour when the light is unflattering, I manage to overcome this challenge, by turning the bad light into a good light. As a client, you have to understand the magic that happens behind the scenes at a photo shoot.  I turn every photo into a story, that will show beauty as seen through the lens. Photographs may take comfort in shooting in their studios because they have access to their whole gear. You have more control in a studio, being able to throw extra light on one side of your model, while outside you can’t really control the sun. It’s easier to change outfits, hairstyles and makeups too.

Even when the photo sessions goes well and the photos look great, I edit them so that I can highlight my client’s alluring characteristics. A photographer’s job never ends, because he has to find not only the perfect angle, but also the right way to post process the photos.

Behind the scenes of a fashion photo shoot made by David Silis Photography 


professional photography studios near me