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Companies have been using catalogues for a long period of time to promote their array of products. High quality product photos are known for guaranteeing your company better sales and a greater understanding of your products’ features. Whether you need photos for a web store, for advertising materials or for a printed catalogue, David Silis Photography is the perfect choice, because we understand the importance of presenting an excellent product line. We know that a photo is worth a thousand words and we try to tell every product’s story differently than our clients’ competitors do.

Catalogue product photography involves fashion items, food, and basically every product that you think it can be sold on the right market. Once you’ve picked a professional photographer, you have to understand that there are many ways of achieving professional catalogue product photos, but from my experience I can tell you that, as a photographer, you have to count on creativity, experiments and your knowledge. All these basic techniques of catalogue photography can help you turn your client’s products into sellable products.

You have to learn to work around your client’s demands in order to deliver the most effective photos. Your creative ideas can enhance the products’ peculiarities the moment you take the photos and afterwards, in post processing. Taking into account the lighting, the background, the right camera equipment and the post processing will help the photographer deliver a better product catalogue. A detailed background will only draw away potential buyers’ attention from the product, as well as bad lighting, so commercial photographers have to use a clear background and determine the right lighting for specific photo shootings. The gear a photographer uses is as important as the other things mentioned above.

Most companies need the help of a commercial photographer, due to the fact that an important part of their catalogues are pictures which visually present the products and their characteristics and sometimes it is the primary channel to promote their product range. Here at David Silis Photography we help you display the product in a way that makes it compelling to its target market. A simple photo can let possible customers see how the product looks and its features, being able to help them decide their buying behavior. But we know, behind the scenes, that a simple photo requires vision, distinction and the ability of understanding the market’s needs as well.

Our commercial photography services apply whether you bring your line of products to our studio or I come to your show room, factory or headquarters for a photo shooting session based in Manchester. Even though when shooting in a studio you can control light, my photographing experience helps me when it comes to special lighting care and to different backgrounds. No matter if you’re a small company or a successful corporation, catalogue product photography can only flatter your business, when done properly.

The following photos will help you make an idea of how excellence, passion and determination look like.

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