I’m often asked – in what style are you working?

And I think it’s tricky to explain in a few words.Exist so many styles in photography “natural light”- wedding photographers, “contemporary wedding photographers”, “reportage wedding photographers”, “wedding photojournalist”, “creative wedding photographers” – each of them are so different and in the same time are similar, they all guarantee you’ll get a very different set of images. And that’s awesome, because you can choose any photographer and any photographic style which you prefer.So, for me, “style” in which I shoot is simply who I am…Exactly what you see in my images and it is this that draws you to my “work”.Most important that model or couples being relaxed, having fun and being “shooted”.I’m creating natural photos with real emotions! whether it can be – “wedding photography” or an “engagement photography” or “portrait” photo shoot, my goal is get beautiful images…

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