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Artistic photography is also called Fine Art Photography, this photography is different from other types of photography because it is created according to the vision and passion of an artist working as a photographer. The artistic photography is different and contrasting from the usual representational photography, this includes photojournalism, a photojournalist’s main focus is to document and provide a visual account of the events by photographing different subjects. A photojournalist is different from an artistic photographer as he represents the events in an objective manner, lacking subjectivity and his own vision. It is also very different from the commercial photography which is done with a sole purpose of advertising and promoting different products and services. Now you know what an artistic photographer or artistic photography isn’t, it is time we tell you what it really is.

Artistic photography is a common but vague term, in this article we will help you understand what it really is. Artistic photography is actually the behind the scenes or behind the photo context of a given photograph. In artistic photography an artist aims at providing you more than just a photograph, he tries to convey his personal impression and vision through a photograph. It is the art of providing an underlying idea that is given by the producer of that photograph which encompasses more than just a realistic rendering of a subject in the photograph. It speaks subjectively about photograph rather than being objective.

Fine Art photography or Artistic photography is all about an idea, emotion or a message of the artist. Just like paintings and sculptures represent an artist’s story and passion, here a photograph serves that purpose. It can be something small, the idea can be just one word or big and tell a deep story or be representative of the philosophy of your life. Artistic photography is more like a start or a hypothesis. There are different techniques and mediums to represent your idea. Once you create something that demonstrates your vision you have to be very consistent and vivid about that idea. There are many artistic photographers who have the Artist Statements. You look at their work and by observing the techniques, mediums and ideas of the photograph you can identify the artist.

Artistic photography offers a lot more than normal photography. This photography stands out from the rest of the photography because it truly links photography and art in the purest form. It tells you an untold story and explains to you a philosophical phenomenon you weren’t aware of.

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